Sunday, August 17, 2008

Grandpuppy is Growing!

We drove all the way to North Carolina yesterday to see our darling grandpup!
We did visit our handsome son, too. This fur child is wired for action...she is non stop every waking moment. We took her to the Lansford Canal Park where she proceeded to carry around all the sticks that were much bigger than her.

Can you believe that I went all the way to Charlotte, NC and didn't go to Cheap Joe's???? Me neither.


Lin said...

NO CHEAP JOES??? Mercy, how did you resist!!! What a pretty pretty grandpup!! Oh you must come to Raleigh and play at Jerry's in November .. The Art in the Carolinas ....!!!! I'm planning to take Karlyn Holman's classes ...!!! JOIN ME?!!!

laureline said...

What a darling dog! Cheap Joe's is so incredible----I had no idea until I visited it a couple of weeks ago. Jerry's is fine, but Cheap Joe's is just sublime. I really like your blog.

Deborah Lowe said...

Oh wow! How DID you resist! You're more of a woman than I am! What part of Virginia do you live in. I'm in Galax. We might could meet up and travel down to see Lin and Laura in Raleigh - wouldn't that be awesome!!!!!

peachtreeart said...

Your grand child is growing even more beautiful as time goes by :)