Friday, July 11, 2008

Today's Tiny Beauty

These tiny flowers pack so much beauty into their miniature size! Viola's, or as we call them around here, Johnny Jump Ups. I guess it's pretty obvious that I love flowers! I brought some Lupine seeds back from Maine, and hope to plant those this fall. I'm not really the gardening sort, though. Weird, huh? Just like looking at them and photographing them.

On another note, my dogs are such goof balls! We purchased some carpeted stair treads to cover our hardwood stairs. Our living room is lower than the rest of the house, with 3 steps up to the kitchen, dining area; and 3 steps up to the bedrooms and office area. We usually end up carrying 3 dogs up and down these steps, as they don't want to slide up on the slick hardwood, hence the treads purchase. Well, what do they do? Walk down the side of the steps that's not carpeted of course. Think we wasted our money on that brilliant idea. Aren't dogs great?!

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